Intrinsic Withdraws Proposal for Third Charter School

Members of the north-side NAC shared with us this week that Intrinsic has withdrawn their proposal for a third charter school. Here's a write-up by north-side NAC member, Phil Huckelberry:

This means that CPS won't be voting on a proposal for Intrinsic in October, but they still will be voting on 19 other charter proposals and 12 alternative school proposals. It is unclear how any of this expansion can be justified during a time when school budgets are being slashed, CPS says they have a $1.1B deficit, and enrollment is on a perpetual decline. Thanks to the members of the north-side NAC who did a great job of showing that there was no need for another charter school in the area at this time. Let's continue to work throughout the city to ensure that our existing schools have the resources they need to provide a well-rounded and broad curriculum with full supports for all children. Student-based budgeting with declining enrollment, decreased revenue. and school expansion is making it impossible to meet this goal at this time.