Information on LSC Principal Evaluation Process

There's been some confusion this week regarding the new principal evaluation form and process. A RYH LSC member attended a training on this today & shared the below:

The LSC will evaluate the principal in three key categories: Professional Practice (weighted at 50% of overall score; Rated by the LSC & similar to what has been done in the past); Student Growth & Other Measures (weighted at 50% of overall score; the school's SQRP is used); and Optional Additional Criteria (weight determined by the LSC; I was told that LSCs should view these as "Extra Credit.")

Yes, there is a deadline of Nov 1, 2015 to determine potential "Additional Indicators" BUT as long as both LSC and principal agree to it, there can be a discussion about potential Additional Indicators and agreement of these Indicators AFTER Nov 1, 2015. 

The whole Principal evaluation process is now extended because we will be waiting for the 2015-16 SQRP until the Fall of 2016:

Part 1- Professional Practice is due by May 1, 2016. [This form is new to LSCs but not principals. This is the evaluation that the Network Chiefs have been using for Principals.]

Part 2- Student Growth & Measures (SQRP) received in Fall 2016. By November 1, 2016, the LSC must complete the evaluation process by calculating the Preliminary Summative Rating Score & Level, then determining the Final Summative Evaluation (see paragraph below.) [Note: Also on Nov 1, 2016, Additional Indicators for 2016-17 school year need to be determined if LSC & Principal agree to them.]

The Final Summative Principal Evaluation Rating is a check mark next to one of the following categories: Excellent; Proficient; Developing; or Unsatisfactory. The LSC determines the rating "after considering all scores in the Preliminary Summative Rating sections of the form along with the additional indicators ("extra credit") and other factors deemed relevant." If the Final Rating is different from the Summative, LSCs must explain in the Comment section of the form.

ANOTHER NOTE: LSC Elections happen in the middle of all this (April 2016; New term starts July 1, 2016)