Holding Pat Quinn Accountable

It took a while, but Pat Quinn was ultimately declared the Governor of Illinois. Via the strange events surrounding his predecessor's swift exit, Mr. Quinn has had the advantage of actually knowing what he was getting himself into prior to winning this race.  He was an unelected incumbent, but an incumbent nonetheless.  Previously, Mr. Quinn had the governorship thrust upon him.  It's different now.  Now the people of Illinois have purposefully elected him as their governor and thus, have a higher level of expectation of him and his staff in Springfield. Due to the peculiar way Mr. Quinn assumed his seat in the past, there may have been a few residents who cut him some slack and had less then stellar expectations of him and his inherited administration. No such tolerance should be extended to him now, especially when it comes to education.

Pat Quinn's campaign website asserted the following statements:

Even though we find ourselves in tough economic times, it is more important than ever to invest in education.

Adequately funding our state's schools is an essential first step towards educational improvement.

The state of Illinois ranks at the bottom, 49th out of the 50 states for providing funding for its public schools.  Up until now, while past governors might have talked about how funding education was a priority, our sad ranking communicates quite a different story.  Raise Your Hand, educators, parents and those concerned with our state's future, will certainly be keeping an eye on the newly elected Governor Quinn to see that he does more than just lament and bemoan our poorly funded schools. The challenge is not to uncover evidence which illustrates how woefully the state of Illinois funds its school systems.  The challenge of Pat Quinn and is to skillfully, practically and pragmatically use his authority and power to create a plan that will provide our children with sustainable eduction funding.  It is what he declared was important to him prior to his win.  Now that he has won, he needs to back up that indisputable declaration with policy.