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We’ll be at the unelected Board of Education meeting today, as we are every month. It's also the first day of our Grow With Us fundraising campaign! Support our work and help us grow, by making a donation today to help us raise $15,000 in the next 2 weeks!

We have a new mayor; the work of RYH continues.

This spring Jennie Biggs, RYH communications and outreach director, served on the mayor’s education transition committee. We wrote a memo to the mayor, based on nine years of work with those who are on the ground dealing with CPS policies and funding- parents. Support this work by making a donation today.

Also this spring, RYH joined with Grassroots Collaborative to sue the city over the administration of TIFs. This was possible because of nine years of work for TIF reform. Help us continue to fight for the systemic change that is needed regarding TIFs, donate today.

Special Education at CPS is now under a state monitor. But there is lots of work to do to make sure the state is pushing CPS to comply with the results of the Illinois State Board of Education Inquiry into CPS special education. Support our participation in this process by donating today. Follow us for the next two weeks to hear what Raise Your Hand has accomplished in the last year, learn how you can take part, and support us with financial contributions to help us continue to grow into a sustainable organization.