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Grow the value of your donation while you help RYH grow its impact on public education!



One of our board members has made this very generous offer:

For every recurring donor of $5 added today, I'll match it! Today only, up to the first 10 people.
It's been an amazing week for RYH and public education, can we count on your support for a better future for public education?

Recurring donations accepted here.

Did you you know RYH has less than 20 recurring donors? Is it easier to donate $5 a month than $60 a year? it's the same to us! We appreciate a sprinkle, shower, or flood of donations, it all helps us grow.


If you would prefer to make a one time donation, please contribute as part of our Spring 2018 fundraising campaign, Grow With Us! Donate here. Our goal is to raise $10,000! We are one week into a 2 week campaign. Please donate TODAY.



Thanks to all of you who have already donated! Words can't express how grateful we are to have your support.


Another way to Grow With Us! today is to share a #cpsuccess or public education success story. Share it with a friend or family member OR share it to social media! Get in the habit of sharing these stories consistently and listening to #cpsuccess or public education success stories from others. We have a CPSuccess Twitter account to get you inspired on how or what to share-it is also an amazing record of all the awesome that happens in our schools!

We also like these recent #cpsuccess stories covered in the news...

Sun-Times: CPS senior joins ranks of students with over $1 million in college scholarships

Hyde Park Herald: Bret Harte and Shoesmith Elementary work together to hatch chicks