Give a Holiday Gift to Raise Your Hand

Dear Raise Your Hand member, 

As the holidays approach we are very grateful for the sense of community that parents are creating across school and neighborhood lines in Chicago. It has been inspiring to see over 6,000 people come together in a strong and unified voice for better public schools. Over the past three years we have accomplished so much that many people aren’t aware that we’ve done it with no staff and almost no budget.

I am writing you now because there are major changes in the pipeline including new CPS leadership, more budget cuts, school closings and consolidations; parents need a voice at the table now more than ever. We need your support to continue at thispace and to hire a staff person who can effectively coordinate all thework.  Please consider making a tax-deductible holiday gift donation to Raise Your Hand this year.  An investment in our coalition is an investment in our kids’ future. RYH now makes it possible to either sign up for a small recurring monthly donation or a one-time gift

Here are just a few highlights of what we have accomplished:

* Engaged over 20,000 IL residents to say no to budget cuts in 2010

* Delivered 5000 letters to City Hall regarding TIF reform

* Brought recess to 13 schools in 2011

* Advocated to bring over 500 positions in art/music, etc. to all CPS elems

And here is some of what we are working on in 2013:

* Embark on a 2-year funding campaign to improve school funding in Illinois

* Providing one-of-a-kind data on our schools via Apples to Apples with parent Jeanne Marie Olson

* Examine standardized testing issue via community outreach and public forums

* Elected school board campaign, working with coalition of 12 community orgs

* Provide parent feedback to CPS, as always

Thank you for your participation in our growing coalition and for supporting RYH so that we can continue this important work for public education together.


Wendy Katten