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Generation All, one of our ally organizations, closed on March 31, 2019. For more information, please read their farewell letter here. Generation All’s work focused on elevating Chicago’s neighborhood high schools, and they advocated for many of the same education reforms that Raise Your Hand supports. Generation All created many resources that are valuable to education advocacy in Chicago; while Generation All as an organization is closing, we want to ensure that these resources remain accessible. So, we are excited to host these resources on our own website to help keep this work going!


The Generation All Action Plan: Strong Neighborhood High Schools For A Stronger Chicago,  April 2016,  #GenAllPlan

Action Plan Brochure

Generation All Plan Released, Citywide Movement Launched, April 13, 2016


Policy Briefs




Media Mentions

Notable Generation All Media Mentions, April 2016 - December 2018


Highlights from the Generation All blog



Social Media


About Generation All

Next Chapter for Generation All



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