Federal oversight of CPS to protect students from sexual violence

Parents received an email from CPS CEO Janice Jackson on Thursday, September 12. It really glossed over the harrowing findings of the US Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights and, instead, discussed the CPS "Comprehensive Plan of Action" which was implemented shortly after the Chicago Tribune exposed rampant sexual abuse within CPS

We are still reading through everything from the USDOE and continue to be horrified, saddened and infuriated. Our hearts go out to the students and victims as well as their families who went through this at CPS. We will continue to work to push for policies that put children first and that ensure better accountability and transparency in this district.

Make sure you take a look at all the sources listed below with links.

This Trib article is comprehensive: ‘Extraordinary and appalling’ handling of sexual violence cases in Chicago Public Schools leads to federal oversight

We recommend reading the following. They are long reads and hard to stomach.

The actual US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights press release

There are 2 important links in the press release:

1) The letter to CPS CEO Jackson

2) Resolution Agreement