Email from a CPS Parent/Furniture Dealer on the recent $5mill furniture contract

Sharing an email from a CPS parent who offers some alternatives to $5 million Staples contract. Tim Cawley told schools to get "very creative" with their budgets. Why isn't  he applying the same to Central Office expenditures?

Hi Wendy.  I was reading an article in the paper today about the amount CPS plans to spend on office furniture for their HQ move.  I am an office furniture dealer in Chicago, I live in Chicago, and my child attends a CPS school ( Mitchell Elementary).  I am wondering how to propose to CPS to perhaps consider purchasing used or refurbished furniture, which in general is a cost savings of 70%.  Also, repurposing the furniture that they have existing.  Without knowing exactly what their floor plans are, but speaking in general, I feel I can save CPS a lot of money, which would in turn go back into our schools...hopefully!  And, this action is also beneficial to the environment.

I also am concerned that they would use a non-local that does not generate revenues and taxes for the City & State.  I don't know if you have any way of directing me, but I woud love to see what they are planning on buying and give a proposal to cut their costs.

If you have a chance, please advise.

Kate Stein
S. Stein & Company