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Raise Your Hand is in the process of developing resources to support LSCs and LSC members while in office. Possibilities include best practices and tools related to budget oversight, principal evaluation, and school improvement plan. Please take our survey to let us know what resources you would like to see, and to help us connect LSC members citywide.


A discussion forum for current LSC members. To join, email us at info@ilraiseyourhand.org with your name, school served, and LSC representative type.


  1. LSC Relations - LSC facilitators: https://cps.edu/lscrelations/Pages/aboutuslsc.aspx 
  2. LSC Training Portal: http://cpslsctrainingportal.com/ 
  3. LSC Reference Guide in English: https://cps.edu/SiteCollectionDocuments/LSCReferenceGuide_English2018_2020.pdf 
  4. LSC Reference Guide in Spanish: https://cps.edu/SiteCollectionDocuments/LSCReferenceGuide_Spanish2018_2020.pdf 
  5. Office of LSC Relations Staff List: http://cps.edu/lscrelations/Pages/aboutuslsc.aspx
  6. CPS Financial Information: http://www.cps.edu/finance/Pages/financialinfo.aspx
  7. CPS Contracts & Procurement: http://cps.edu/procurement/Pages/procurement.aspx 
  8. CPS Employee Position Files: http://cps.edu/About_CPS/Financial_information/Pages/EmployeePositionFiles.aspx
  9. School Profiles: https://cps.edu/Schools/Find_a_school/Pages/findaschool.aspx
    1. Enter your school’s name, click on the link, and then click on the link for the “downloads” section (examples are for Healy ES):
      1. My School My Voice Survey: http://schoolreports.cps.edu/Parent-Guardian_Surveys_2017/HEALY_609979_MVMSParentSurveyResults_2017.pdf
      2. CIWP: http://schoolreports.cps.edu/CIWP_2016_2018/609979-healy-plan-2017_04_28.pdf
      3. Asbestos report: http://schoolreports.cps.edu/AsbestosInspectionReport_2016/23651%20-%20Robert%20Healy%20School%20-%20Healy%20School.pdf
      4. Facility Assessment: http://schoolreports.cps.edu/Assessment_PDF_Detail_2015/3880D.pdf 
  10. CPS Data Portal (for SQRP, suspension/expulsion data, school achievement data, enrollment and demographic data: http://cps.edu/schooldata/Pages/SchoolData.aspx 
  11. SQRP Info: https://cps.edu/Performance/Pages/PerformancePolicy.aspx 
  12. Principal Evaluation Rubric: https://cps.edu/principalevaluation/Documents/PrincipalEvaluationRubric.pdf 

*Put together by Sarah Rothschild, CTU 

POWERPOINT: A Deep Dive on Budget, CIWP Monitoring, and Principal Evaluation at LSC Summit 2020

LSC Summit hosted by LSCs.4.All Coalition, January 25, 2020

Session leaders: Sarah Rothschild, Chicago Teachers Union; Jianan Shi, Raise Your Hand

Program session includes knowing what to ask of your principal.

Download here (pdf) or view below.

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