Education questions to ask at Aldermanic Forums

There are so many new candidates runnning for alderman and we hope that you get out to some forums in your area and ask the important questions on public education! We put together a list of possible questions. Email us if you have other

Education Related Questions

Our Ward’s Public Schools

What are the public schools in the our Ward? What are the needs of those schools?

What is a Local School Council or LSC?

Will you be willing to attend Local School Council meetings throughout your tenure?

How, specifically, will you work with your local LSCs?

How, specifically, will you work with local principals?

How will you work with the community around strengthening neighborhood schools?

School Budgets

How many TIF Districts are in our Ward?

What projects have been paid for by our Ward’s TIF funds?

Do you support TIF reform? How do you suggest TIFs be reformed?

If incumbent, did you vote on TIF surplus return? Why or why not?

Chicago Education Concerns

How do you think neighborhood schools fit into our current “school choice” landscape?

Do you support charter schools? Explain.

If incumbent, did you vote on the moratorium for charter schools? Why or why not?

Do you support an elected school board for CPS? Explain.

Preschool concerns: Please consider asking questions that address private vs. public with sliding scale payment system; centralized enrollment process has made it difficult to enroll child; new “social bonds”- would you have voted for that? Why or why not?

How can you foster equitable polices around education as an alderman?

Aldermanic Role

If you had been on the past city council, when would you have voted no and why?

What could we do to reduce violence in Chicago?  Do you think neighborhood schools play a role?

What is the alderman's role in relation to our public schools?

    What will you do symbolically?

    What will you do behind the scenes?

    What can you do practically, as alderman?