The Promise and Pitfalls of Ed Tech

Join us for our first forum on the topic of technology in education. What do parents need to know about ed tech and student data privacy in an era of big data: What is personalized learning? How is ed tech being used in our schools? Is my child's private data secure? What's the role of tech in a high-quality education?
Speaker: Rachael Stickland, Parent Coalition for Student Privacy
Panelists: Nicole Zumpano (Coonley Elementary, Illinois Computing Educators), Joe Lothan (Lake View High School Makers Lab) and Eric Reyes (YOUMedia, Raise Your Hand)
Pizza at 6:30pm. Program at 7pm. Please email if you will need childcareDownload the flyer here.
Invited speaker Rachael Stickland's slides are here
Cassie Creswell's intro slides are here

If you'd like more info about protecting student privacy, we highly recommend the resources from the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy, especially their parent toolkit, available in English and Spanish, that Rachael mentioned in her talk.  And Parents Across America is a great place to look for research on ed tech and its implications.
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