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I can’t remember the specific moment I first engaged with Raise Your Hand, but when I think about what we do best, much of it revolves around the persistence, the stamina, the audacity it takes to survive CPS, especially meetings of the unelected board of directors. We prepare, we support, we strategize, we organize, we report, we follow up, we stand there together -- literally and metaphorically -- to make sure parents’ truth makes it into the permanent record.

The recent announcement that in 2021 CPS will end its relationship with the current contracted cleaning companies -- Aramark and Sodexo Magic -- reminded me of one such board meeting where I watched an almost surreal presentation on how zambonis would replace people, principals would save time, and schools would sparkle without all that ineffective mopping. 

Cue groans and eyerolls, followed by increasingly filthy classrooms and years of advocacy to get to this moment of change. Follow-up and organizing by Raise Your Hand -- all of you reading this who spoke at a board meeting, signed the LSC letter, made calls, marched, or provided the resources that support our efforts -- surely played a role as it has on so many issues from fair funding to neighborhood schools to special education. I even hold out hope for an elected school board!

A life lesson from my family is that one of the most important things we can do is to show up. Presence matters. If you have money to share at this time, a financial contribution is a symbol of your presence. Please join me in helping Raise Your Hand be present for even more parents, on more issues, in more places. Grow with Us.

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