CPS to borrow $329 million to help pay for school closings

CPS to issue $329 million in bonds to help pay for upgrades at receiving schools

This will increase debt servicing payments by $25 million for the next 30 years.



Tribune analyzes school closings and says questionable whether 36 are higher performing. Regarding safety, some kids will have to walk over a mile with no busing.


Curtis Black finds that 28 "welcoming" schools are on academic probation


School reform in 3 major cities (including Chicago) brings few benefits some harm

School closings and other market-driven reforms haven’t helped with student outcomes.  


So we won't be saving much money after all, kids will not be going to better schools in the majority of cases, many students will have to deal with overcrowding and reduced safety, research shows this isn't effective, and we'll have 54 vacant buildings scattered throughout the city? . 

Call your state and Congressional representatives to tell them mass school closings will not be good for Chicago’s students. You can find your reps here by plugging in your address:


Standardized Testing

Parents will be passing around petitions on Report-card pick-up this Wednesday. If you want to join the movement to reduce testing please email us: info@ilraiseyourhand.org.

All materials are here:


In particular, you'll want copies of the petition and factsheet.

If you have signed petitions to hand in, please let us know. Please also spread the petition electronically to your contacts and parent groups at your school: http://chn.ge/14o8GSY

Play-In this Wednesday at the Board of Ed. 9:30am-11am 

Come before report card pick up to demonstrate the power of play in young children's classrooms to the CPS Board of Education. The youngest learners in Chicago Public Schools are facing multiple standardized tests—as many as 14 in some Kindergarten classrooms—inappropriate amounts of seat work, homework, and a lack of opportunities to learn through play, exploration, and creativity. Early childhood experts agree: young children learn best through play. We want opportunities for play, the arts, and active exploration, returned to early childhood classrooms across this city.