CPS Stakeholders Respond to Gov Rauner's 'Crumbling Prisons' Remark

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Yesterday, Governor Rauner compared some CPS schools to 'crumbling prisons' in a speech downtown at 1871.

Parents and other CPS stakeholders quickly took to social media posting positive CPS school stories with the hashtag #notaprison resulting in over 4,000 tweets to @GovRauner in one day.

While making these negative comments about CPS, Governor Rauner is simultaneously pushing a school funding budget that does nothing to address the funding inequity that harms CPS and other low-income districts. Schools in his hometown of Winnetka spend roughly $8k more per pupil than CPS schools, and have a low-income rate of 4% versus 87% at CPS.

Join the twitterstorm and share your positive school stories to @GovRauner using #notaprison.

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