CPS Recess Tool Kit Now Available!

The children of CPS no longer have to wait to get recess, a longer lunch and important social time.  Schools will no longer need to cut into limited instructional time to offer recess.  The CPS guide, "Developing a School Recess Plan," outlines the process by which to move your school from the Closed Campus Schedule (5 hours and 45 minutes) to the Regular Open Schedule (6 hours 30 minutes).  RYH has continued to collaborate with CPS, CTU and other parent groups including COFI and HSC to facilitate the completion of this important recess document.

We hope this document will empower parents to ensure that the voice of the children is considered when choosing the daily schedule.  CPS will also support schools in moving to the Regular Open Schedule by hosting webinars for principals and by actively offering support for schools moving to this child centric schedule.   

In addition to this guide, RYH continues to support parents.  Check out the Fit for Learning Point--Counter Point for questions from other schools going through the process.  Let us know how it is going at your school.  We are here to Help!

Download the CPS Recess Toolkit