CPS Plans to Approve 12 New Charters at Board meeting tomorrow

Yesterday it was reported that CPS plans to build twelve new charter schools over the next two years. According to the Chicago News Cooperative, “Noble Charter School Network will open four new high schools, the United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) and LEARN Charter School Network will open three new elementary schools each and Catalyst Schools will open a new elementary school. Additionally, the early childhood development non-profit Christopher House will open it’s first elementary school, which is expected to house a family resource center, in the Belmont-Cragin neighborhood.”

This is interesting news following data released recently showing that charter schools have extremely mixed results in Chicago. Many operators such as UNO and Learn had some campuses that were outperforming CPS schools and some performing well below standards. One of UNO’s schools had only 58% of their kids passing the ISAT and one of Learn’s campuses was at 60%. Of all the charter operators in Chicago, only Noble Street outperforms CPS traditional schools consistently. You can see data recently published in the Sun-Times:


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