CPS Budget is Out

CPS Budget – Hearings this Week

CPS released their budget Friday. You can access it online and search for your school’s budget under “Interactive Reports, Find Your School Budget.” Despite a very rosy description of all that was preserved by CPS, we see a lot of red in individual school budgets – especially at the neighborhood high school level. As a whole, traditional neighborhood high schools took huge hits. As a whole charter schools as got an increase of $76 million in this budget. Outcomes for traditional elementary schools were varied with some schools gaining funding, some losing funds overall and some staying neutral. We will give a more detailed review of the budget over the next week.

Check out your school budget:http://cps.edu/FY13Budget/Pages/FY13ProposedBudget.aspx

If you would like to attend a budget hearing, CPS has scheduled several on July 11th, although none on the north side. In past years CPS has held annual budget hearing in all parts of the city. We have asked them to add a hearing on the north side. Currently the locations are as follows:


Malcolm X College

Bruce K. Hayde Center

1900 W. Van Buren


Kennedy King College

The Great Hall

740 W. 63rd Street


Daley College


7500 S. Pulaski

There are two other meetings Wednesday night:

Westside Education Forum – hear from parents and teachers on education issues impacting us right now

Sankofa Cultural Center
5820 West Chicago Avenue
July 11,2012
6:00 p.m.

Senators Harmon and Lightford, State Reps Lilly and Ford will be in attendance 

CPS Department of Arts Education- Community Engagement Session

  • July 11 (5:30 pm) at Sulzer Regional Library, 4455 N. Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

CPS Department of Arts Education is launching the first district-wide CPS Arts Education Plan. This plan will set the standards for arts education across the school district. The plan needs parent input and there will be several community meetings across the city. Some are tailored for parents and community members while others are tailored for principals, arts orgs and arts educators. See the schedule here:http://www.cpsartsplan2012.com/News.html.

Elected School Board Campaign:

We are out circulating petitions in many areas of the city. We will be in Bridgeport tonight, Monday 7/9 at 6:45pm – to join us email wendy@ilraiseyourhand.org. To join us in Lincoln Park Thursday night, email us and let us know if you can make it for an hour.

If you would like to help in any area of the city email us and we will help get you set up.

Fundraising update: We have met 15% of our fundraising goal for our summer pledge drive. If you haven’t donated already, please consider making a $10 or $25 donation to keep us powered for school year 2012/2013. We have many costs and we are trying to raise funds for a p/t salary so that we can continue to keep you abreast of policies that impact your children, coordinate town-hall forums to share info and foster dialogue on important issues that impact your kids, and help provide tips on organizing at the local, citywide and state level so that you can advocate. Raise Your Hand needs your support in order to continue to advocate for public school parents and children! Please contribute at whatever level you feel comfortable in order for us to continue. PLEASE DONATE TODAY.