CPS and CTU come to an interim agreement

CPS and Chicago Teachers Union Officials today announced that CPS plans to hire an additional 477 teachers for next school year for subjects to be taught outside the traditional classroom such as art, technology and physical education . This is very good news and we are extremely pleased that both parties have come to an agreement that includes adding staff to CPS’ much under-resourced school day.

According to the information reported today, it is our understanding that schools will be able to use this position as they wish to hire a teacher in whatever subject they choose. In addition, schools must give preference to teachers who have been displaced due to budget cuts between 2010 and 2012 as long as they have satisfactory and above ratings.
Today’s announcement marks an important step toward attaining the quality education our children deserve. Thank you to all the RYH advocates who filled out our September survey demanding a broader range of coursework to go hand in hand with a longer school day. Thanks for attending our forums, board meetings and everything you have done to advocate for a well-rounded school day for every child in Chicago.

We look forward to hearing more details on today’s announcement including how the additional staffing resources will be allocated among the schools and how the new staffing measures will be funded and sustained overtime. We are curious about the funding of this as last we heard CPS was depleting their reserve fund without hiring these additional 477 teachers.

So while today’s news is a step in the right direction, we know that we have a massive amount of work to do to ensure long-term sustainable education funding. Raise Your Hand looks forward to working on a funding campaign this school-year and we need your support - both in volunteering and donations. Please consider a $10 or $25donation to help us power our efforts in school year 2012/2013.

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