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From the CPSuccess Tumblr About page:

As researchers, teachers and parents, we see great things happening in CPS everyday. But it isn’t easy to see within the walls of a typical public school…especially when there isn’t enough budget for paper towels, let alone marketing.

Our public schools in Chicago are facing more constraints and challenges than they ever have. And yet. Our teachers, students and parents keep innovating, creating, dreaming, and building.

CPS Apples2Apples suggested that RaiseYourHand begin to curate some of the positive and special things happening in non-privately run schools as an exercise in Appreciative Inquiry back when they were working closely together in 2013.

This is that space. If you want innovative curriculum ideas? You’ll find them here. Interested in who is winning awards and scholarships? That’s here, too. Want a jolt of appreciation for the work you are doing today with your 1st graders, 5th graders, high school sophomores? We want to help get that for you.

Submit. Scan. Read stories. Enjoy.

The Staff and Community of Raise Your Hand for Illinois

April 18, 2015