Claypool Out, Jackson In, Elected School Board Needed

Forrest Claypool resigned yesterday, a few days after the IG report was given to the appointed BOE. The report itemized that Claypool engaged in a cover-up during an ethics investigation and the IG urged the CPS BOE to fire Claypool.

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Sun-TimesTimeline to inspector general’s investigation of Forrest Claypool


The Mayor announced that Janice Jackson will be the interim CEO of CPS. She is the 4th CEO under Mayor Emanuel and the 8th CEO in 12 years at CPS.

Sun-TimesHow Janice Jackson rose from Chicago Public Schools student to its CEO


While we are pleased that Claypool will no longer be head of CPS (we had a petition calling for him to be removed due to his mishandling of special ed) we are clear that even if Janice Jackson turns out to be a good choice, mayoral control of education does not provide the checks and balances needed to have a functional system.

As long as Chicago has mayoral control of its schools, the appointed CPS Board will be accountable to only one person, and as we have seen in the past there may be lapses in due diligence in vetting contracts, policies, etc. that lead to big consequences for the system and the quality of our children’s education.


Chicago has shown in two referenda that they overwhelmingly support an elected school board with 89% approval. The bill for an elected school board passed in the the House and Senate this year but it wasn’t sent to the Governor’s desk.

Call your IL state reps and senators this week and urge them to put pressure on President Cullerton and Speaker Madigan to make this happen.