Charter Expansion and Increase in Funding this Year

As we shared last week, CPS has proposals for 31 charters to open over the next two years, some in areas where schools just closed for “under-utilization.” District schools were cut by roughly $100 million this year, and given that CPS faces another near-billion dollar deficit, this will have a very negative impact on district schools. The Board vote on new charters is 1/22.

Charter schools also got a large increase in per pupil spending this year as district schools were cut. Catalyst shared this info with us:

Total FY 14 Charter Rate*     Total FY 13 Charter Rate*

6,829                                                 6,070         Elem Primary

6,382                                                6,070         Elem Intermed

7,890                                                7,587         High School

The state has also set up a charter commission to allow for the approval of charters that local school boards deny. Concept charter school was denied by CPS last year and approved via the IL state charter commission. See this article about Mike Madigan’s ties to Concept-Gulen and his role with the commission:

We will be discussing this and much more at the forum on Charter Expansion-Impact to District schools on 1/14. Save the date. We need you there.