CEFTF & CPS 10 Year Educational Facilities Master Plan UPDATE

Below are notes from Joy Clendenning. She attended the CEFTF Master Planning Committee Meeting on July 14, 2016. She includes perspective on the 10 Year Educational Facilities Master Plan as well as information on how you can provide feedback.

Illinois General Assembly
Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force (CEFTF) Master Planning Committee
July 14, 2016

At the Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force Master Planning Committee meeting on July 14, the public was asked by the CEFTF and by CPS to comment on and submit feedback about the recent draft update to the 10-year Educational Facilities Master Plan. This draft update is required by state law, and was released July 1.
Read the update:http://cps.edu/About_CPS/Policies_and_guidelines/Documents/CPSEFMasterPl...

Read the original 10-year plan:http://cps.edu/About_CPS/Policies_and_guidelines/Documents/CPSEducationa...

You can submit comments and feedback about the recently released draft update, to the CEFTF ceftf.ilga@gmail.com and to CPS facilitiesplan@cps.edu

I suggest that you read at least the part of the update which is about your area of the city and send feedback to ceftf.ilga@gmail.com and to facilitiesplan@cps.edu

Does it often feel that there is just no overall plan for CPS? Many many parents, students, teachers, and community groups have felt the same way over many decades. When CPS started increasing the number of school closings, co-locations, and turn-arounds in the aughts (2013 was the big year, but these “school actions” had been taking place suddenly and with no notice let alone community input since the mid-1990’s), people organized and got their legislators to establish a Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force. Eventually this Task Force was able to get the School Actions and Facilities Master Planning law passed in 2011.This law requires CPS to have a 10-year Educational Facilities Master Plan.

The Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force remained in place after the 2011 law. This really impressive group of people have done tons of work (all volunteers) to document best practices and community input. You can learn a lot by reading through their various reports here http://www.isbe.net/CEF/

I encourage you to look through the resources on the CEFTF page – they have done a lot of work to document both best practices from around the country and to document stakeholder testimony here in Chicago.