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  • The Gathering: LSC Meet Up

    The Gathering is for anyone interested in making Local School Councils (LSCs) more effective. Whether you are curious about LSCs, what it means to be an LSC member, or whether you're unsure if your school has an LSC; The Gathering is for you.

    Experts will be available to help participants access the needs of their respective schools, schedule training, provide technical assistance, and arrange monthly sessions to work together on improving LSCs for all.

    We will also be co-planning the LSC Summit (1/25), which launches into LSC elections into the spring. Bring your ideas and your voice to the table!

    This free event is organized by the LSCs4All Coalition.




  • LSC Summit 2020

    Let's start LSC election season on the right foot!

    The LSC.4.ALL coalition's LSC summit is for current and potentially interested in running LSC members. We will have a panel session and 4 workshops for how to make more engaged and effective LSCs. The objective of the panel is to provide historical background and national perspective on school governance and to address the limitations of advisory LSCs. The 4 workshops include:

    1) "LSC On Track: A Deep Dive on Budget, CIWP Monitoring, and Principal Evaluation”,

    2) "Winning Your Race: LSC Elections",

    3) "Fighting for Systemic Change: Organizing for the LSC Empowerment Bill", and

    4) “What is an LSC exactly? LSC 101".


    This free event is organized by the LSCs4All Coalition. Our goal is to provide access to information, training and strategy while building unity and collaboration around ways to improve a systemic vehicle for voice.