Budget Solutions Toolkit

CPS’s school budgets are based on $500 million in revenue that CPS says they don’t have.  District schools just faced another round of $56 million in cuts.  We must push for sustainable revenue!  Check out our CPS Budget solutions document!

What can you do?

  • Sign our petition and share it with your school, neighbors and friends.

  • Canvass in your community – we’ve created cards that people can sign and deliver to their state legislators, aldermen, the governor, the mayor and legislative leaders.  

  • Ask people to sign them at an LSC meeting or community events in your neighborhood or host a parent meeting at your house.  
  • Collect the cards and drop them off in bulk at your state legislators’ and Aldermen’s offices.  Collect cards for the Governor and Mayor and get them to us, and we’ll drop them off. Email us at info@ilraiseyourhand.org weekly and let us know how many cards you dropped off at your electeds’ offices.
  • Elected officials need to know that their constituents support proposals to increase revenue.  
  • Start a phone-tree campaign in your neighborhood. This may sound like a cliche, but as long as there are politicians who want to be re-elected, there will indeed be strength in numbers. Ask 10 people to ask another 10 people to make phone calls to their elected officials. They  ran for office under the guise of serving you, the constituent. Briefly tell them your name, that you are a constituent and a few specifics about the budget cuts at your school. Ask them to support revenue proposals listed on our card.