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I’m exhausted.

My reserves are on E, it went past the red line a few weeks ago, and the fumes are now choking me.

My to-do list is dusty, forgotten, alongside my Ventra card. The reasons for my zombie state are numerous but common, no need to list them all. I’m safe, employed, blessed and privileged, just in a mentally exhausted funk. I wish I had the energy and motivation to rally, to protest, this is so exhausting, BlackLivesMatter dammit!!! Or just have enough energy to make those zeroes on my kid’s ASPEN account just disappear!

I was supposed to write a personal narrative to launch RYH’s spring fundraising drive days ago. But this is all I got.

In normal times, I would launch out of my seat to go fight another good fight for schools. I kept fat sharpies and poster board in the trunk, right next to the first aid kit - life’s essentials. STOP the TIFs! Fund OUR schools! You could count on me to be there, right alongside hundreds of other Raise Your Hand volunteers - always there.

Meanwhile, Raise Your Hand keeps fighting tirelessly for just the basics, and they have been going at warp speed lately with an energy and purpose that honestly blinds me. And it makes me ponder...the power of a collective is not in the individual, but when we are organized and working together for what may seem an insurmountable goal - funding public education, demanding equity and justice, making this world a better place. Just the basics.

Raise Your Hand needs all of you, every single one that reads this, to support us now more than ever. Every dollar does make a difference, every monthly donor even if just $5 supports us, help share our message on social media, we appreciate it all. Look at our Twitter feed, Facebook page, emailed newsletters, RYH isn’t slowing down. We need to build even more capacity, because we are all seeing more clearly how an underfunded public school system is robbing our kids of their full potential, and what is now lifesaving basics - a clean school, smaller class size, nurse in every school, adequate school counselors, more outside recess time, the same things RYH has been fighting for over a decade. Hey, celebrate our 10 year anniversary and donate $10 a month! Please support RYH Grow With Us spring fundraising campaign. We need you more than ever before.

- Brenda Delgado, RYH Board President







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