BBB tells Principals any school with "space" is a welcoming school

Attached is a letter that went to all Prinicpals yesterday (5/17/13) about the enrollment process for school closings.  In it CEO Byrd-Bennett tells Principals that any district school "with space" must take students who want to enroll from closing schools. 

"CEO Byrd-Bennett has stated that students from sending schools and welcoming schools that are relocating can attend any school in the district that has capacity. Capacity is based on the grade level analysis we worked on with principals."

There is nothing mentioned about schools with waitlists or magnet schools. We will try to get answers about that but it is clear that CPS is telling schools that reduced class size is not an option any more. 

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West Side - Saturday

10:30 a.m.: Lafayette Elementary, 2714 W Augusta Blvd.
11:15 a.m.: Ryerson Elementary School, 646 N. Lawndale Ave.
1:45 p.m.: Marconi Elementary Community Academy, 230 N. Kolmar
2:50 p.m.: Emmet Elementary School, 5500 W. Madison St.
3:30 p.m. May Elementary, 512 S Lavergne Ave.
4:40 p.m.: Delano Elementary, 3937 W Wilcox St.
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4:15 p.m.: Mahalia Jackson Elementary, 917 W. 88th
4:30 p.m.: Morgan Elementary School, 8407 S. Kerfoot

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Note: North Side March at 1pm Sunday at Trumbull organized by parents and community groups on the north side. Trumbull is at 5200 N. Ashland. Walk will be from 1pm-3pm and will go from Trumbull to Courtenay to Stockton to Stewart.

Click to download the letter.