BBB tells everyone to move on, for parents it's not so easy

Barbara Byrd-Bennett says “It’s time to turn the page.”

“Whatever has happened this past year, it’s done,” Byrd-Bennett said Tuesday at a City Club luncheon.

Meanwhile parents are confused about the enrollment process, have been told they have until the end of this week to figure it out, and some welcoming schools are not even informed about their role in this process.

Here’s a note we got from one parent at Lafayette today.

I appreciate your checking in!  It's been quite a day...I received a notice in ­­­­­­­­­_______ backpack last Friday that we could go to our welcoming school to enroll and tour the school today from 8am to 7pm.  I went this morning at 10:30am to Lowell, the welcoming school, and the people in the main office didn't seem to know what I was referring to.  The main office at Lowell told me I was the 2nd one there asking about the tour but the person I wanted to speak with was at lunch and I'd have to call back to make an appointment.  I actually don't even know what I'd be touring because there is NO autism program at the school.  People in the main office were asked me if the decision had even been made yet.  They were THAT clueless.  I can't blame them, they are obviously very ill informed and not being given direction from the Office of Spec Ed.  I left the CPS Spec. Ed a voice mail (yep, nobody answered at 11am) but haven't heard anything.

So then, I decided I'd go see Stockton School because I spoke with our Fulton Spec Ed coordinator who encouraged me to go check out other schools.  Stockton's main office told me I absolutely could not enroll even if ______ was a former student.  I would have to be referred with a letter by my Special Ed Coordinator and see if there was availability.  So I am enrolled nowhere!  Even though I got 3 automated calls over the weekend reminding me that the last day to sign up for my school is the 29th.  

They are obviously waaay over their heads.  I honestly went into the school this morning with an open mind and by noon I realized there is no way they can accomplish this successfully, at least the way it is being "sold" to parents.  It's CPS being CPS, not professional, not accountable.  I contacted my Congress and Alderman again, I hope they have some legal ability to stop this.