Are you registered to vote? If not, you have until 10/5!

In order to vote in the November election you must be registered to vote by October 5.  This is a HUGE election year with many aldermanic races, a mayoral race and a governor's race at stake.  Illinois is still ranked 49th out of 50 for education funding.  Chicago Public Schools still need a lot of work, and a few alderman can change the dynamics of the City Council.  YOUR VOTE REALLY COUNTS!  Please register to vote.  Here are the ways you can do so:

In Chicago, voters may register or change the address or name on their registrations: 
 -- by submitting this mail-in form to register / file a change of address/ file a change of name.
 -- in person at 69 W. Washington St., Sixth Floor.
 -- at any Secretary of State's office where driver's licenses and state IDs are issued.
 -- through an active deputy registrar affiliated with a local organization, such as a political party, ward office, business, etc. 

This information and more regarding voter registration can be found at the Board of Elections Commissioners, City of Chicago

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