RYH work featured in the Anarchitectural Library

RYH is really proud to be a part of the Anarchitectural Library exhibit which is part of the Chicago Architecture Biennial! From Toronto based artists Adrian Blackwell and Christopher Mendoza:

We would like to invite your organization to participate in this small reference library within the Chicago Cultural Center, which will document activism against the neoliberal erasure of Chicago’s common spaces: its housing, schools, manufacturing districts, and metabolic circuits—clean air, water, food security and park spaces—as well as spaces which are literally removing people from city spaces—such as prisons, police stations and immigrant detention centers. We are asking organizations like yours, who are actively resisting these erasures, to submit print materials you have made, as well as a short list of books or other resources that are useful to your understanding of the issues you organize around, which we could then acquire for the library and donate back to you at the end of the exhibition. Specifically, we would really appreciate your contribution to the section on the erasure of schools.

Go visit if you can! Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington; 4th floor landing, Randolph Street side; open through January 5, 2020.

The Library features work from so many wonderful Chicago organizations- many that RYH works with on various public education issues. We were invited to share our work in fighting the mass school closings in 2013. You can find the Anarchitectural Library Index here.

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RYH & RYH affiliated work featured in the Anarchitectural Library:

Infographic from March 6, 2013, entitled "If CPS Closes 129 Schools"


RYH’s Guide to Talking About High Quality Education We started the research and writing of this shortly after the mass school closures. This work was supported by a grant from The Chicago Community Trust. Here is our Research Bibliography for this guide.

Websites- bound and on display for reading at the Anarchitectural Library

  • Apples 2 Apples (which deconstructed the space utilization formula that CPS was using to justify closures) From Jeanne Marie Olson of Apples 2 Apples: All of the graphics related to challenging the flaw in the utilization formula are still up on Apples2Apples

  • School Cuts (great resource for which schools closed, which were the receiving schools, what was the data at the time for these schools)

  • Every Chicago Public School is My School

RYH Tweets from Feb 1 - May 31, 2013- bound and on display for reading at the Anarchitectural Library

RYH submitted this to the CPS BOE in April 2013: 40 Terrible Decisions on School Actions. This little “report” came about via our personal walk throughs of schools OR solid information we received from parents or educators in the school itself. CPS, at some point, made sure schools did not allow us or other organizations into schools to do walk throughs and collect data and info.- bound and on display at the Anarchitectural Library

CEeATE Data Analysis on School Closings (Chicagoland professors and researchers)- bound and on display at the Anarchitectural Library


Publications that have influenced our work; available at the Anarchitectural Library:

Ghosts in the Schoolyard, Eve Ewing

The Chicago Schools: A Social and Political History, Mary J. Herricks

Improbable Scholars, David Kirp

Schools Betrayed: Roots of Failure in Inner-City Education, Kathryn M. Neckerman

The Death and Life of the Great American School System: How Testing and Choice Are Undermining Education, Diane Ravitch

Finnish Lessons: What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland?, Pasi Sahlberg

A Political Education: Black Politics and Education Reform in Chicago since the 1960s (Justice, Power, and Politics), Elizabeth Todd-Breland

Catalyst Chicago (Catalyst was an education publication which closed in 2016; not available at the Library but worth noting here)



Jennie Biggs, Joy Clendenning, Jodi Lacy, Jianan Shi, Wendy Katten, Cassie Creswell; Gretchen Klocke Brown (infographic); Jeanne Marie Olson, Josh Kalov (Apples 2 Apples; School Cuts); Caroline Bilicki, Chris Ball, Hannah Hayes, Heather Hootman, Diane Horwitz, Eric Reyes, Jill Wohl (Guide); Josh Radinsky, Federico Waitoller (CReATE); Tim Furman (videos below)


Not included in the Library but noteworthy:

Videos created by Tim Furman with Wendy Katten (founding ED of RYH). “Walking The Walk”

  1. West Englewood neighborhood: Earle ES to Goodlow ES

  2. Pullman neighborhood: West Pullman ES to Haley ES






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