After closing 50 schools, CPS has proposals for 31 new Charter Schools

Following the great underutilization crisis of 2012 where CPS closed 50 district schools, there are now proposals for 21 new charters to open in the next two years in addition to the 10 that have already been approved by CPS and will open next fall. Why does this matter? CPS is broke and faces another near billion dollar deficit. Operational dollars have to come from somewhere. That would be your traditional school budget, which by the way, the Mayor and CEO Byrd-Bennett, claim have not been hit hard by budget cuts. (See Trib Editorial below). They want to open new charters to offer “school choice,” but school choice apparently doesn’t involve a functioning school budget anymore for many district schools.

Sun-Times: CPS Announces charter school plans

Trib Editorial:

12/16 Community Meeting regarding new charter Proposals

CPS - 125 S. Clark, 4:30-9pm

Public comment: sign up ends at 6:30pm