Action Alert: Call Governor Rauner today- CPS students are not getting too much $ from the state!

Yesterday in his budget address, Governor Rauner said that CPS students are getting way more than their fair share of education funding. We need you to call him today to clear things up.  Here are some things he didn’t mention:

  1. The state is at the bottom of the list for what they contribute to education funding. No one gets too much money from the state of IL in terms of ed funding, let alone CPS students, who are 87% low-income!
  2. The Governor’s hometown of Winnetka spends roughly $6k more per pupil than Chicago is able to spend on our students due to the inequitable funding system in IL. How can Governor Rauner say CPS kids are getting too much?
  3. CPS does get a $250M block grant for special education, but this in no way makes up for the hundreds of millions of dollars lost every year from missed pension payments from the state
  4. Chicago taxpayers pay for both pension systems- TRS and CTPF, and the state only pays for non-Chicago pensions even though they “intended to pay” into CTPF for years and haven’t.

The Governor’s failure to pass a budget or fund schools adequately means children across the state aren’t getting the education and services they need to succeed.  He’s attempting to pit critical service sectors against one another, and Chicagoans against the rest of the state, fighting over crumbs.

Here’s a script:

Call: 217-782-0244

“I’m a parent in Chicago or ____, and Governor Rauner’s budget address was full of errors regarding CPS funding. I am calling to ask him to pass a budget to fund all critical services, fund our schools adequately and equitably, and stop scapegoating the children of Chicago.”