Connecting and Empowering Parents
Across Chicago and Illinois

We are a coalition of parents and concerned citizens who advocate for quality public education for all children in Chicago and Illinois.

Our mission

To help parents become advocates for their children by providing information on policies that impact them, building networks to share ideas, and creating tools to elicit change.



  • Protected student privacy by working with More than a Score to keep CPS students’ personal data o  privately controlled computer servers (inBloom)
  • Fought changes to class-size limits for special education, which would have negatively impacted both special education and general education rooms
  • Argued for common sense revisions to CPS new policy on  ngerprinting volunteers
  • Provided research and data around class size issues at CPS - 34.5% of K-2 students in rooms above 29 students for school year 2013/2014
  • Informed public around CPS utilization issues:
  • CPS opened 21,251 new seats in mainly non-district schools over last 3 years during so-called “utilization crisis”
  • Sent over 150,000 emails to Illinois legislators in 2010, which played a critical role in halting a $1.3 billion budget cut
  • Successfully advocated for the return of $200 million of tax increment  nancing money (TIF) to CPS in 2010
  • Built a consensus with CPS and CTU to provide recess and developed a toolkit in 2011 that brought recess
  • to more than 8,000 CPS students for the  rst time in decades
  • Advocated for extra sta ing for art/music/PE, etc. for longer day during school year 2011/2012. Sat on CPS Advisory Task Force on Longer Day
  • Over 150 press mentions for our e orts to improve parent voice and school day for all children. CNN, Hu ington Post National, NY Times coverage

Current initiatives

  • Training parents across city to engage with legislators on education funding issues
  • Working on a series of townhall forums on quality education, and hosting more parent advocacy trainings to engage and empower parents
  • Campaign on overuse and misuse of standardized testing
  • Strengthening neighborhood schools campaign


Contact Us

73 W. Monroe #221

Chicago, IL 60603

312 561 5481

Email: info@ilraiseyourhand.org