Legislative info: Action Alerts

Many of you have asked us how you can voice your opinions on the school actions and longer school day. Contact your legislators. It’s time to communicate with them on the very pressing issues that you care about. 

  • Longer school day. No current bill; SB7 passed. Inform your reps of you have concerns.
  • School actions bill SB3239/HB4487 places a moratorium on school closings.
  • Class size bill SB3362/HB4455 lowers class size to 18 in K-3; 22 in 4-8; and 25 for high school.
  • Recess bill HB288 amends the school code to require the Chicago Board of Education to provide daily recess (at least 10 minutes long) for all students in K-8.

Longer Day. If you have concerns about the funding for a longer day, tell your reps. They voted almost unanimously last year for SB7 and may not be aware of the unintended consequences of this vote – such as, how our school district can put in the longest day in the nation without adequate funding. They should be made aware of the issue as they voted on the bill that allows CPS to extend the day unilaterally without addressing funding needs to ensure quality in the day and not just quantity.

Moratorium. There will be a vote soon on a moratorium on school closings, and if you support this moratorium, take a minute to call your reps and tell them.

Class size. Current class sizes exceed these proposed limits.

 You can find contact info for your Reps here: Find your legislators

If you are concerned about the issues above, CALL!