$40 Increase in HS per pupil level

CPS has increased the per pupil allocation for high schools by $40, as this letter explains.

Dear HS Principal,
We know that many of you are facing significant budget challenges this year in the wake of the District’s financial crisis. S faces a historic $1 billion deficit, and with the failure of pension reform in Springfield and three years of flat and declining revenues, this crisis has been brought to many of your doorsteps. Please know that we are using every tool we can to keep cuts as far away from our classrooms as possible so that every student can continue to experience the steady gains we have seen these past few years. While we have already cut $600 million since 2011 in central office, administrative and operations spending, and
have identified another $56 million in reductions for this fiscal year, we can’t simply cut our way out of this crisis. 
As you know, this week we reversed a longstanding budget policy that will provide schools with an additional $36 million in Supplemental General State Aid (SGSA) earlier, which we believe will bring much needed relief to many of our schools. However, we have heard from dozens of high school principals like yourself these past few weeks about the very difficult decisions you are making, and now believe more needs to be done. 
To help further aid our high schools through this transition to Student Based Budgeting (SBB), we are revising the SBB formula to modestly increase the high school per pupil funding level.  Specifically, the per pupil amount will go from $5,092 to $5,132, an increase of $40 per pupil.  These funds will be transferred into your budgets before July 15, so you can consider how to invest them along with the SGSA funds you are receiving in that same time frame.  The process you will follow will be the same as for the SGSA funds. 
We again want to thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time. Please know that we are doing everything we can as we finalize our district-wide budget to continue keeping this crisis at bay from our schools.
Tim Cawley
Chief Administrative Officer