2/9 Chicago Education Facilities Task Force Meeting Wrap-Up

Thanks to Jennie Biggs for providing these notes:

I went to the IL General Assembly Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force (CEFTF) Meeting today. This is a very respectful body that asks questions of most speakers. A record of the meeting will go to the IL GA. To learn more visit www.isbe.net/CEF The main topic today was school closings & space utilization. Many schools testified. They will be meeting the 2nd Saturday of both March & April. More important info follows...

The CEFTF needs help in getting out the word on what they call "the best kept secret in Chicago": YOUR SCHOOL'S INPUT TO CPS AS CPS WRITES IT'S 10 YEAR EDUCATIONAL FACILITY MASTER PLAN. By law & by May 1, CPS must release a draft master plan to the public. In November, principals & LSC Chairs should have received a survey via email. Today, the CEFTF asked each principal that spoke & each LSC Chair if they had received this, they all said no. CEFTF claims that they are hearing this over & over. Here's what you need to do:

1) Contact your principal & LSC Chair to see if they received the survey monkey survey link from CPS. This survey must be completed by schools by February 28, 2013. (The survey was initially sent out by CPS on 11/7/12, then resent by CPS during the week of 1/21/13.)

Survey Here

2) Contact the CEFTF to see if they will give you a copy of the survey that you can print out & fill out by hand. You can only complete the survey once online, so if you only do it partially or forget something, too bad. CEFTF recommends planning ahead & writing out answers so you are prepared to fill out the online survey. You can email ceftf.ilga@gmail.com and ask them to send you the file. CEFTF also recommends giving them a copy of your school's survey. 

3) It is the CPS Office of Strategy Management who is overseeing this survey. The contact and the person who sent out the survey is John Ribolzi. 

4) Encourage your school community to come together and develop "YOUR VISION for the future of your school." But do it fast! The survey is due at the end of this month.