12 Days Until School Starts: Will the Mayor Restore Funding?

12 Days until school starts: Will the Mayor Restore Funding?

In addition to the 68 elementary schools that lost an art position and the 42 high schools that lost 86 English positions, the 51 elementary and 28 high schools that lost librarian positions,  below are the elementary schools that lost a CPS funded music position and High Schools that lost a Biology and Chemistry position:

Elementary schools that lost a music position:

Altgeld, Audubon, Azuela, Barton, Bennett, Blaine, Brown, Brownell, Byrne, Carver, Casals, Chicago Academy, Christopher,  Columbus, Cook, Cooper, Cullen,  Dewey, Erickson,  Evergreen, Farnsworth, George Pullman, Greeley, Goudy, Holmes, James Weldon Johnson, Kellogg, Kellman, Laura  Ward,  Madison, McCormick, Mireles, Newberry, O’Toole,  Peck,  Pirie, Ravenswood, Ray, Robert Black Magnet, Brown Community Academy, Ruiz, Shields Elem, Shields Middle, Sutherland, Vanderpoel, Wacker, Woodlawn Community. 32 more elementary schools didn’t have music to cut.

High Schools:

Biology: Bogan, Clemente, Crane, Curie 3, Gage Park, Hancock all 3, Kelly, Kelvyn Park 2, Lakeview, Marshall, Morgan Park, Lane, Prosser, Sullivan, York  Chemistry: Lane, Corliss, Robeson, Spry Uplift, York. Physics:  Michelle Clark Academic Prep,  Chicago Military Academy, Devry University Advantage Academy, Von Steuben, Morgan Park HS, Crane, Payton, Wells. Earth Science:Foreman, Peace and Education.

Meanwhile…in addition to the $50 million going to the Office of Innovation and Incubation, the $8.8million going to the Family and Community Engagement Office, the increase to the Talent and CFO’s office, why is the budget for the Accountability Office at Central Office no lower than last year at $14million when CPS just made an announcement that they are scaling back dramatically on standardized testing?  $14,474,409 for the Office of Accountability.

It’s interesting that Crain’s reported on June 10th that “in 2011 Chicago spent half as much as New York on instruction-related expenses but three times as much on general administration.”

And it’s interesting that CPS says they had no alternative  but to make these school-based cuts when they have increased so many central office departments as well as funding to charters.

A budget is a set of priorities.

Email us if you want to work further on advocating against school-based cuts:info@ilraiseyourhand.org