11 Days Until School Starts: Will the Mayor Restore Funding?

In addition to the:

68 elem schools that cut a music position;

42 HS that cut 86 English positions;

51 elem schools that cut a librarian;

28 HS that cut a librarian;

47 elem schools that cut a music position; and

37 HS Science positions that were cut…

These Elementary Schools lost a Technology position:

Brighton Park Elem, Caldwell Academy of Math and Science, Carroll, Chavez, Claremont, Curtis, Earle,  Dewitt Clinton, Edgebrook, Garvey, Goethe, Hearst, Jahn, Lovett, Mozart,  New Sullivan, Otis Pasteur, Reinberg, Stagg, Swift,, Tilton,

These High Schools Lost a History Position:

Alcott, Amundsen, Austin Polytechnic, Bogan 3, Bowen, Curie, Foreman, Gage Park 2, Hyde Park, Kennedy 2, Kelly 5, Lane 3, Marshall, Mather, Mason, Morgan Park HS 2,  Multicultural Arts, Orr 2, Payton Phillips, Robeson 2, Steinmetz, Von Steuben -2,  Washington.

CPS’ said they had no alternative but to make these school-based cuts. We disagree with that statement. We’ve been calling on the mayor all summer to declare a TIF surplus. He can also scale back on some of the extraneous central office spending that we shared earlier in the week.  

We are joining the Common Sense LSC Coalition to email CEO Byrd-Bennett today regarding the TIF surplus. Per Common Sense, the message should be sent to her special assistant atjmbaux@cps.edu.


Dear CEO Byrd-Bennett,

I am writing to respectfully request that you ask Mayor Emanuel to declare the FULL $200 million in TIF surplus, half of which would be returned to CPS to alleviate the budget crisis. These cuts are devastating to our schools.

{Describe your cuts here or why this issue is important to you.}

As a former principal and teacher, you certainly must find these cuts unacceptable, too. We believe that the only short-term solution is the declaration of unencumbered TIF funds. Please ask the Mayor and the City to ensure that all public schools are fully funded to ensure that students receive the highest quality education possible.


Or, and this is not from the LSC Coalition:

Ask her to eliminate the FACE department which is taking $8.8 million away from school budgets, the Innovation and Incubation Department, which is taking $50 million away from school budgets, the no-bid SUPES contract, which is taking away $20 million from school budgets, some of the $14.4 million from the Accountability Office which is taking away from school budgets….