A Busy Week: Saving Public Education One Event at a Time

There are many events this week, October 26 - October 30, 2015. We hope to see you at one (or more!) of the below!

MONDAY, 3:00pm, Kelly Park, 2725 W 41st St.

Day of the Dead School March: Rally for Neighborhood Schools & March


TUESDAY, 10am, Will Burns Office AND, 12pm, City Hall
Rally for Democracy, Against Privatization

Information on LSC Principal Evaluation Process

There's been some confusion this week regarding the new principal evaluation form and process. A RYH LSC member attended a training on this today & shared the below:

The LSC will evaluate the principal in three key categories: Professional Practice (weighted at 50% of overall score; Rated by the LSC & similar to what has been done in the past); Student Growth & Other Measures (weighted at 50% of overall score; the school's SQRP is used); and Optional Additional Criteria (weight determined by the LSC; I was told that LSCs should view these as "Extra Credit.")

RYH Research Reveals Reality behind "Demand" for seats at Noble Schools

Once again, Raise Your Hand is shedding light on the reality behind the rhetoric.  This time, RYH has uncovered the real numbers behind Noble’s “demand” for seats at it’s schools.  Please see info below.  Feel free to contact RYH with any questions.  Amy Smolensky, 312-485-0053

Five of Noble’s campuses can’t fill seats, yet still accepting students this school year — Where’s the waitlist?

CPS Seeking Feedback on 2015-16 Draft Guidelines for School Actions – Raise Your Hand Response and Other Resources

Every year and by law, CPS must publish Draft Guidelines for School Actions (Co-locations and Reassignment Boundary Changes this year; in past has included Closings and Consolidations) by October 1. The 2015-16 Draft Guidelines are located here. CPS must announce school actions by December 1.

Elected School Board Southside Town Hall Meeting


Wed, 10/21/2015 - 6:00pm


Grant Memorial AME Church
4017 South Drexel Boulevard
60653 Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US


We need progressive and accountable leadership in the city of Chicago and the State of Illinois to make it happen.


Grant Memorial AME Church
4017 South Drexel Boulevard
60653 Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US

Meeting with CEO Claypool 10/15/15

Today members of the RYH Board met with CEO Claypool.  We were invited to discuss the dire budget situation, but we also addressed charter proliferation, the broken formula used to cut special education teachers and staff, and the contracts that we think could potentially be cut. We also left a copy of the letter below, which we delivered to Mayor Emanuel, asking him to intervene and ensure that CPS changes the broken special education formula not just for those schools who appeal, but for all schools going forward.

Elected School Board Press Conference- Oct. 13, 2015

On Wednesday, October 13, 2015, right before former CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett's arraignment, community organizations and elected officials came together for a press conference demanding an elected representative school board in Chicago.

Cassie Creswell, Raise Your Hand Board Member, spoke about the many questionable contracts that our current unelected BOE has approved. Her press conference statement is below. Attached above is a list of some of these contracts.


Powerful Parent Letter Against CPS Special Education Cuts

We are sharing a very powerful letter from a CPS parent regarding special ed cuts at her school. She sent this to her Alderman, State Representative, and State Senator. We have removed identifying information.

Dear Alderman _____ / Representative _____ / Senator _____,


As a parent at _____ School, I have always felt you had the students' best interest at heart.  I thank you for all of your advocacy for the kids of Chicago and in your ward in particular.



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