Flawed School Rating Policy: MTAS Statment to the Unelected BOE- 11/18/15

Cassie Creswell, Raise Your Hand board member and More Than A Score Chicago organizer, spoke at the unelected BOE today. Her statement is below. She also gave the unelected BOE copies of the attached document (SQRP Summary: Problems & Solutions) as well as the RYH letter of support for Amandla charter school.

Fiscal Crisis Repeat: RYH Statement to the Unelected BOE- 11/18/15

Deb Hass, CPS parent and a member of Raise Your Hand’s board, spoke at the unelected BOE meeting today on behalf of RYH. Her statement is below.


Raise Your Hand was formed in 2010 around the issues of budget cuts and chronic underfunding of our schools. The district was threatening to increase class size to 36 and to cut all kinds of programs and services. To stave off cuts, CPS and the state agreed on a pension holiday at that time. Parents celebrated that schools would not see draconian cuts.

Letter in Support of Amandla Charter- 11/13/15

RYH has been in strong opposition to charter proliferation during broke times and declining enrollment, but we are also against closing existing charters using a flawed metric. We submitted this letter to the Board of Ed via the Principal of Amandla on 11/13/15.

Dear CPS Board of Education,

Raise Your Hand for IL Public Education is submitting this letter of support for Amandla charter school, as we are opposed to the narrow metric CPS is using to close four charter schools this year with the new Charter Accountability Policy that was announced recently.

Elected School Board Update: Learn More at a Public Forum!

Many legislators are having panels on the elected school board issue this month. HB 4268, a state bill proposing to change governance of Chicago Public Schools from a mayor-appointed to an elected Board of Education, is moving through the Illinois General Assembly. State representatives are holding public meetings about the potential for an elected school board in Chicago and the state of public education.

We will attach flyers for each forum as they become available. 

The following is a list of meetings:

Charter Proliferation and the Lack of Democracy in Education in Chicago and IL: Get Informed, Take Action!

We are experiencing another end run around democracy in education- this time in Chicago and around the rest of the state!  A large expansion of charter schools in Illinois with no public input, no discussion, no stakeholder planning, is in the works.

Illinois plans to open at least 48 new charters (half in Chicago!) with an initial grant to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) of $42.3 million. This grant does not include funding for the operational budget for these schools, so dollars will be diverted from the same inadequate pot used to fund our existing schools.

RYH's Statement to the Unelected BOE- 10/28/15

At today's BOE meeting, we gave the following to each of the unelected Board members:

1) Paper copy of WBEZ article from 10/27/15 on the low enrollment of many high schools across the city, both district run and charter: 


2) Our Guide to Talking About High Quality Education Booklet: 


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