CPS Draft Update to the Ed Facilities Master Plan and Upcoming Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force (CEFTF) Meeting

UPDATED July 11:
Agenda for the meeting is attached.

From an email sent from CEFTF on July 11:
As always, the CEFTF will ask for Public Comment at Thursday's meeting.

The public is also invited to submit written comments to the Task Force via email to:


ACTION ALERT: Legislators in session today- tell them to support SB 2054

The deadline of Thursday at midnight is fast approaching for the state to pass a stopgap budget, and a Pre-K-12 budget to allow schools to open in the fall.

CPS must receive funding from the state and city to avoid catastrophic cuts.
Today, the Senate will vote on SB 2054, which will bring about $400M to CPS, $286M more in state aid and $112M for pensions. It will also add money for many other high-need school districts. Ask your Senator to support this bill using this link:

State budget deadline is this Thursday- let’s keep pushing for fair funding for CPS and for a budget for IL families!

IL families cannot wait to go another year without a state budget and CPS students will not be able to thrive without fair education funding from the state!

The deadline to pass a budget is this Thursday and Governor Rauner is still digging his heels in, saying the state shouldn’t “bail out” CPS.

CPS Stakeholders Respond to Gov Rauner's 'Crumbling Prisons' Remark

The below was emailed today to those who signed up for our weekly email blasts:

Yesterday, Governor Rauner compared some CPS schools to 'crumbling prisons' in a speech downtown at 1871.

Parents and other CPS stakeholders quickly took to social media posting positive CPS school stories with the hashtag #notaprison resulting in over 4,000 tweets to @GovRauner in one day.

Events This Week!

There are a few events happening in the next few days in different parts of the city. Here's a list:

Thursday, June 9, 6:00pm, Vaughn High School, 4355 N. Linder Ave

CPS Budget Crisis Workshop
hosted by Parents 4 Teachers

"CPS is threatening budget cuts up to 40 percent if it doesn’t get help from Springfield. And there’s a real risk our schools won’t have the funds to open in the fall without drastic cuts.

Take Action Tuesday - 5/31/16

Dear Parents,

We need parents to take action Tuesday, May 31. Please visit your state legislators’ offices to push for revenue solutions to fund an education budget. Here are short answers to frequent questions:

“Why do this now?”
May 31st is a critical deadline in Springfield. While there are different education proposals floating around Springfield, there is likely nothing that is going to pass both chambers by the end of Springfield’s session, May 31st.

Legislators need to keep hearing from you.


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