RYH Statement on CPS Board Vote to Turn 3 schools over to AUSL

RYH is disappointed in the BOE's vote to turnaround 3 CPS schools today, firing every staff member in the building from Principal to clerk to lunch lady. 


RYH has visited McNair multiple times and has met with parents at Dvorak. McNair had no librarian, no music or art teacher, no reading specialist, and a special education population of 23% when RYH visited.

n the budget cuts, McNair lost 6 positions, Gresham lost 7.5, Dvorak lost 3.


LSC Training/Info Sessions on Budget/SBB this Week

CPS hosting School Budgets Informational and Training Sessions for LSC members

If you are on an LSC you should have received an email from CPS inviting you to an informational session on student based budgeting/school budgets next week. Draft school budgets were sent to schools the week before spring break, and this is a good opportunity for parents to ask questions about how SBB works.

Budget Update

We at Raise Your Hand were cautiously optimistic yesterday when CPS released new per pupil funding numbers for next year with an increase in per pupil amounts. Unfortunately, what was left out of the initial report was that these increases might only cover raises and inflation. As usual with CPS, the original announcement did not include all the details and schools will have to analyze their budgets to see how they will fare.

Charter School Advocates' Troubling Agenda Exposed

Hi RYH members-  We’re sharing an email that went out from the Illinois Network of Charter Schools (INCS) to mobilize their supporters this Tuesday April 8th, at their upcoming Lobby Day in Springfield to oppose state legislation that would require charters to comply with established state laws on the standards set for educating children with special needs and children who do not speak English at home. These are laws that all other public schools follow.

A Quality Education for Every Child: A Talk with Pasi Sahlberg on 4/26!


Sat, 04/26/2014 -
10:00am to 12:00pm


Chopin Theater
1543 W. Division St.
60642 Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US

We are sponsoring a talk by Pasi Sahlberg, the author of Finnish Lessons:What Can the World Learn from Educational Change in Finland on Saturday April 26h, from 10am-12pm at the Chopin Theater, 1543 W. Division St.

The event is free but you must register here to guarantee a seat.

sahlberg event


Chopin Theater
1543 W. Division St.
60642 Chicago , IL
United States
Illinois US

Support the Right to Opt-Out of the ISAT

"More than a Score" issued this message today.

Parents who have opted or plan to opt your children out of the ISAT:

In light of CPS's recent instructions to principals, we want the hundreds of parents who have opted or plan to opt your children out of the ISAT to please stand strong, and we (a group of parents, teachers, and students) will continue to stand with you. 

Many of us are opting our own children out of this test as well.

Solutions for Increasing CPS Per Pupil Funding Rate

Raise Your Hand maintains that current per pupil funding levels are inadequate to provide a high-quality, well-rounded school day in an equitable manner across the city of Chicago. We are providing suggestions for the Board of Education to help put dollars back into the classroom where they are most needed. These suggestions combine a mix of cuts to Central Office and citywide offices and revenue suggestions for the local and state level.

Independent Reviews Indicate Increased Administrative Spending

Arts Survey Finds 65% of Schools Lack 2 hours of Arts per Week

In a recent survey regarding arts instruction at Chicago Public Schools, Raise Your Hand found the majority of schools are not able to offer two hours of arts instruction per week, contrary to Mayor Emanuel’s  publicly stated assurances. The web-based survey, conducted in January and February 2014 includes responses from parents and teachers representing 170 or nearly one third of CPS schools. The survey also found other grave inequities in exposure to arts instruction across Chicago.
Of 170 schools surveyed, parents say:


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