Save Our Schools 2016: Resources for Parents

Parents are learning of potential disastrous budget cuts coming for the 2016-17 school year. Below are links to resources that we've developed over the past year to help you understand how we got into this situation and to give you advocacy tools and ideas. Continue reading

Special Education Tipsheet for parents: Spanish version

Emergencia de Educación Especial: Sugerencias para padres CPS ha reducido drásticamente las posiciones de educación especial en el distrito. Escuelas han perdido 600 posiciones de educación especial durante el verano y una nueva ronda de recortes fueron anunciadas el viernes pasado que se supone que ocurra en noviembre 2. Continue reading

IL state Board of Ed threatens some districts with investigations on opt-out

Even though no district or state across the country has lost money due to high opt-outs, and the majority of states have dropped the PARCC test, our state board of education has sent letters to certain districts that they will be doing an investigation and collecting “evidence” from school staff and even students, when appropriate regarding opt-outs. We don’t have any information on how real this threat is, but if you're opting your child out of the invalid PARCC test again, make sure to send a letter to your school principal saying that no one is to interview your child about opting out of the PARCC. It’s a parent’s decision. Continue reading

CPS Parent Testimony against new SEHS to BOE: February 24, 2016 BOE meeting

Sandra Hamilton, parent at Blaine and Lane Tech My name is Sandra Hamilton, I’ve been a CPS parent for 11 years, with children at Blaine elementary and Lane Tech. I’m here today to ask you to cancel your plans for Obama Prep HS, a $60 million project which, if cancelled, and TIF funds surplused, could yield over $30M for CPS. Continue reading

Action Alert: Call Governor Rauner today- CPS students are not getting too much $ from the state!

Yesterday in his budget address, Governor Rauner said that CPS students are getting way more than their fair share of education funding. We need you to call him today to clear things up.  Here are some things he didn’t mention: Continue reading

LSC Elections 2016

LSC Elections are upon us! LSC elections happen every two years. Elections are April 13, 2016 for elementary schools and April 14, 2016 for high schools. They coincide with Parent-Teacher Conference Day. The deadline for applying is 3:00 p.m. at the school you wish to run on March 4, 2016. Continue reading

Stop the Cuts: Action Steps for Monday, 2/8/16

CPS is planning to cut $100M from school budgets in the next few weeks. What can you do today?  On Thursday we asked you to take Action Step #1. On Friday, we asked you to take Action Step #2. Today, we are asking you to take Action Step #3: Continue reading

Stop the Cuts: Action Steps for 2/4/16

CPS is planning to cut $100M from school budgets in the next month. What can you do today? Yesterday, we asked you to take Action Step #1. Today we are asking you to do the following for Action Step #2… Continue reading

Stop the Cuts: Action Step for Today 2/3/16

CPS is planning to cut $100M from school budgets in the next month.. We'll be sending out daily action items that involve short and long-term sustainable solutions. We need both. So, what can you do today?  Continue reading

Our 2015 Top Ten

Dear supporter of strong public education for all children, During this annual time of reflection and renewal, we thought it would be fun to share our own top ten list as 2015 comes to a close. Continue reading