Our School Stands Together

[The following is reposted from a letter at a Chicago Public School to their families...I've anonymized the school, but the message is fairly universal, and generally representative of thousands and thousands of teachers and school staff. It's also probably not a message that gets as much notice or airplay as it should. Side note: not sure how the message was distributed, as CPS has temporarily suspended email access to and from teacher accounts.  /jw]

September 17, 2012

Dear School Parents:

We want to take this opportunity to share our thoughts regarding the current strike. It is our deepest desire for this strike to be settled quickly so we can get back to the job we love, teaching your kids. We also want to say that we are aware of the disruption the strike is causing your families and to the education of your children.
We understand that this has been an uncertain time in our city and want you to know that getting back into the classroom is our number one goal. We are keenly aware that [our school] is a special community that provides an excellent learning environment which includes extensive enrichment opportunities. However, this is not the case in all CPS schools. We stand committed to ensuring an excellent education for all children in the Chicago Public Schools.

Many of the issues raised in the media are not going to impact [our school] in the near future, but they are crucial issues citywide. Resolving these issues may not seem essential to [our school], but standing up for the rights of all families is an essential component of strong public education.

We are optimistic the strike will end soon, and when it does we want the [our school] community to be as strong and committed to excellence as it was before the strike. Thank you for your continued support.

[Our School] School Teachers and Staff

[Our School] Stands Together