The Longest School Day: The Facts and the Fiction

Fact or Fiction?

Q: Raise Your Hand opposed to a longer school day?

A: Fiction! Raise Your Hand advocated for a 6.5 hour school day last year and helped bring recess and lunch to 12 schools with almost no cost and no fanfare. Raise Your Hand is not opposed to a longer day, but we are opposed to an unfunded and unplanned 7.5 hour day. We support a reasonable extension of the day based in reality of the budget situation we face in Chicago. In 2014 CPS is projecting an $800 million budget deficit. Our schools are not properly resourced now. What will be cut in 2014? We will have a lot of time with less programs/teachers, etc. than we have now, i.e a bigger refrigerator with no food in it. We need to look forward and ask these questions now. We cannot afford a 7.5 hour day across the board. No other large urban district in the nation has been able to afford this, and we cannot have education on the cheap for our children.