Steep enrollment drops at receiving schools since 2013 mass school closings

In 2013, the Chicago Board of Education voted to close 49 elementary schools and reassign their students to receiving schools. Despite reported capital investment in receiving schools, enrollment dropped at a much steeper rate at these schools than other elementary schools.

Between 2013-14, the first merged year, and 2015-2016, the receiving schools lost 8.1% of their enrollment v. a 2.8% drop for all other elementary schools. Overall, ten receiving schools gained students, and 37 lost enrollment. Complete data in the table below.

Comments on CPS Draft Guidelines for School Actions 2016-17 and CPS Draft 10 Year Master Facilities Plan Update

Remarks as prepared for the October 21, 2016 Chicago Educational Facilities Task Force (CEFTF) general meeting and school actions committee meeting, presented by Jennie Biggs on behalf of Raise Your Hand.

Comments on CPS Draft Guidelines for School Actions 2016-17

April 1st #FightforFunding Actions

Where will you be April 1st? 

We've compiled as many actions as we could find so you know all your options. We will update as we hear of more. 

We've put together the attached handy-dandy palm card for you to pass out on Friday- wherever you are- in order to get people to make calls on the spot. We hope some of you will be able to make copies and ask folks to make phone calls on the TIF surplus, Elected Representative School Board (ERSB) and the opt-out bill.

#FightforFunding Actions Interactive Map

February 2016: Education Forums During the Week of 2/8/16

There are a few upcoming education forums. A RYH Board member will be on the panel at each of these. Come out if you can!

Monday, February 8, 2016

State of CPS Forum

Blaine Elementary, 1420 West Grace Street


“Get the facts and learn how CPS budget issues could play out in the schools.


CPS Student Action! January 2016 Edition

***This post was edited on 1/11/16 to reflect a change in the City-Wide Student March location.

CPS Students are prepared to advocate!

Please join them at one or all of the following events and please share with the CPS student or students in your life.


Below is the information shared with us from CPS Student Leaders:


Student Summit on Educational Financial Crisis


SEIU Healthcare, 2229 S. Halsted 

Saturday, January 9

Flawed School Rating Policy: MTAS Statment to the Unelected BOE- 11/18/15

Cassie Creswell, Raise Your Hand board member and More Than A Score Chicago organizer, spoke at the unelected BOE today. Her statement is below. She also gave the unelected BOE copies of the attached document (SQRP Summary: Problems & Solutions) as well as the RYH letter of support for Amandla charter school.

Fiscal Crisis Repeat: RYH Statement to the Unelected BOE- 11/18/15

Deb Hass, CPS parent and a member of Raise Your Hand’s board, spoke at the unelected BOE meeting today on behalf of RYH. Her statement is below.


Raise Your Hand was formed in 2010 around the issues of budget cuts and chronic underfunding of our schools. The district was threatening to increase class size to 36 and to cut all kinds of programs and services. To stave off cuts, CPS and the state agreed on a pension holiday at that time. Parents celebrated that schools would not see draconian cuts.


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